If you have questions about our site and how it works, you will probably find the answers here. Please read through this page completely. If your questions are not answered, please use the contact page.

Security alert!!!

There are people sending out e-mails from free e-mail accounts like AOL, MSN and Yahoo pretending to be employees of Secret Shopping Cart. Do not respond to these e-mails, as they are most likely scammers. The only real e-mails from Secret Shopping Cart will come from an e-mail address ending with @secretshoppingcart.com

How can I become a Secret Online Mystery Shopper?

To be able to take up Mystery Shopping Jobs for earning money, simply fill out the Registration Form found on the right side of the Secret Shopping Cart Home Page.

Does membership cost me anything?

No. There are no fees to be a reviewer for Secret Shopping Cart. Once you have registered with us, you will be eligible to take up available Mystery Shopping Jobs and get cash, rewards, on signing up for trial offers.

I live outside the United States of America; can I still join the panel?

No. At this point of time our Mystery Shopping Jobs are open to only citizens of USA, being 18 years of age or older.

What do you do with the profile information I filled out when signing up?

That information is stored in our database and used to match up participants with specific job requirements. We can share your information with outside sources to bring even more cash paying offers to you.

I am having problems in registering with Secret Shopping Cart, because it says “Your city/state/zip code do not match.

If you encounter the error that the city/state/zip codes do not match, please write to Contact Us and give us your city/state/zip combination and we will guide you as to what can be done.

I tried to submit the registration form for Secret Shopping Cart and I received the message “Document contains no data.” What should I do?

Most likely, there are too many people on our server at one time. This slows down our server and does not let you register in full. Please check back in an hour or two.

I entered all my information, but am not sure if my registration went through.

You can check your email inbox for a Welcome email from us within 36 hours after filling out the application. You can also send us an email for verification at Registration.

I did not receive a Welcome email.

Sometimes, due to high web traffic, emails get lost or end up in bulk/spam folder. If you have not received your Welcome email within 48 hours after registration, please let us know.

When I enter my email address, I get a message saying I am already registered, but I have never registered before.

Somebody may have already registered with your email address. Please register with a different email address.

How do I participate in Online Mystery Shopping Jobs to review for Secret Shopping Cart?

After registration, members are provided with the list of Online Mystery Shopping Jobs available for reviewing. Upon completion of registration, members will click on the Shopping Jobs they would like to take up and will be led to the website of the company providing that Mystery Shopping Job and you will be asked to sign up to the trial offer. Also based on the information available with us, we send invitations to those members who, we believe, may qualify to take up a job when a client contacts us with a request for recruiting web-shopper.

Do I get paid per Mystery Shopping Job? How much?

The pay for each job varies, but depending on the length, you can get paid anywhere up to $75.00 per job!

How do I get paid and how often?

Currently you get paid biweekly through Paypal. Other options may be available soon.

How about taxes?

You are considered an independent contractor and no taxes are taken out of your paycheck. You will be required to complete a W9 form and at the end of the year be given a 1099 form as required by the IRS.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes. All orders are processed from start to finish on vendor’s secure servers. Any data submitted is first encrypted, using SSL. Your information is safe and secure.

Why do you ask personal information when I register?

We ask demographic questions such as age, gender, location and online practices to ensure we have a diverse, representative membership database. We only use this information to group our available Secret Shopping Cart reviewer database for identifying appropriate jobs for them.

Is Secret Shopping Cart trademarked?

Yes, Secret Shopping Cart is trademarked and is protected by both U.S and international laws.

If none of the above answers solves your problem, please use the contact page. Please be sure to include the job number or subject in your email.